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Parents/guardians are responsible for their children and their behavior at all CRECHE events. No child should be unattended or outside of a classroom or activity area without permission. Children who misbehave or are distracting to other children may be reprimanded by an adult coordinator and escorted to his/her parent or guardian. The child may not be able to return to class that day, at the discretion of CRECHE Administration or the adult coordinator.

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CLASSROOM SAFETY All adult classroom teachers/leaders/aides must complete the Diocese of Rockford’s safe environment program, Protecting God’s Children, before 1st/3rd Friday classes begin. In addition, each class must have at least one aide in the room and additional adult supervision should the number of children warrant this.

VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS Since CRECHE is a volunteer-led organization, all adults with children participating in 1st/3rd Friday activities are required to actively contribute in a supporting role on these mornings. Moms are  required to be part of a rotation system to help supervise the children during their activities, help with set up, and help with clean up. Many hands make light work.

All volunteers in attendance must have Protecting God’s Children and Safe Environment forms, as well as a background check, on file with CRECHE, per the Rockford, IL Diocese policies.

ACTIVITY/MATERIAL FEES Some classes offered by CRECHE will require supplies and/or materials. A fee will be assessed for any costs not subsidized by CRECHE membership dues. Said fee must be paid before the 1st class or as instructed by CRECHE Administration. Class participants will be notified in advance whether any fee payment is required. Donations of materials and supplies are always welcome, but unfortunately are not tax-deductible.

FOOD/BEVERAGE POLICY Due to allergies and for cleanliness, the only food allowed on premises is that which is provided during the scheduled snack time. Parents are responsible for direct supervision of their own children and immediate cleanup of food or spills. Cleaning supplies are located in the kitchen of our host parish.

The use of portable electronic devices (cell phones, music players, etc.) while on church property is not permitted for children, except with permission from a CRECHE administrator. Such devices must be kept in backpacks or vehicles.
MASS ETIQUETTE We encourage all families to attend the CRECHE 1st and/or 3rd Friday Masses. For those children still being trained in proper church etiquette, as well as older children, please keep the following in mind: Please dress modestly. There may be gym activities that take place after Mass; however, children and adults should dress appropriately for attendance at Holy Mass. Do not wear short shorts, spaghetti strap tops, flip flops, ripped jeans, see-through shirts, or have exposed underclothing. Jesus loves and welcomes children, but they do need our help to understand that the church is sacred space before, during, and after Mass. Encourage them to be as quiet as possible and make sure they are accompanied by an adult at all times. Do not let them bring noisy toys, run or play in the aisles, or play on the steps to the sanctuary. These behaviors are distracting to others and especially to the priest offering the Holy Sacrifice. If a younger child is fussy, then quickly exit to the narthex to calm the child down before returning. If a parent must leave other children in the pew, another CRECHE member would be happy to watch over them. Just ask! When approaching for Holy Communion, please have children who are not receiving the Eucharist cross their arms over their chests and either walk in front of a parent/guardian or have their hands held, so that they receive a blessing from the priest and not their First Communion! Enjoy a prayer of thanksgiving after Mass and then exit quietly, proceeding directly to the appropriate venue for the rest of the day’s activities. For additional resources on teaching children about Mass etiquette, visit:

VISITOR POLICY For security and liability purposes, we do not allow visitors at 1st and 3rd Friday gatherings. If we are meeting at a park or another public venue and you would like to bring a guest, please contact CRECHE Administration. Dads and grandparents are always welcome to visit. All visitors must wear a VISITOR name tag. PLEASE NOTE: The CRECHE Covid-19 and CRECHE Sick Policy (below) applies to all visitors. 

Sick Policy

Please do not participate in any CRECHE gatherings if you, your child, or another household member is ill, as you put other families at risk of becoming ill. It is desirable for the CRECHE community to have healthy members in attendance at all functions. While this may not always be possible, use the guidelines below to determine whether or not your child/family should attend a CRECHE function.


If you or a family member has tested positive for Covid-19, has been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19, or suspects a Covid-19 illness in the household, please refrain from attending any CRECHE gatherings for at least 14 days, whether you are symptomatic or not. If you or a family member inadvertently may have exposed any CRECHE member to Covid-19, please inform CRECHE administration. The health of our families is important to us, as is their personal liberty. CRECHE does not require masks or ask about any vaccines. Please use caution and common sense when determining if you should attend a CRECHE meeting or event.


It is possible to prevent the spread of many illnesses by practicing good hygiene. Handwashing, hand sanitizer, and using common sense will help in this regard. However, even the best hygiene practices can’t prevent the spread of all illnesses. Sometimes staying home is the only way to benefit our kids, ourselves and CRECHE. [Adapted from]


If a temperature is 100°F or higher, remain home until child/parent/family member has been fever-free for 48 hours. A fever is one of the clearest signs of a contagious illness.


If the cough is productive and has phlegm, or is associated with fever or trouble breathing, remain at home. In general, a dry cough does not usually present with contagious illness if other symptoms are not also present. Excessive coughing may be disruptive to other members.


Anyone with a sore throat associated with fever, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, or pain with swallowing, breathing or speaking, should remain home.


If a nose must be constantly blown to stay clear, child/parent is actively sneezing, or has a runny/drippy nose, remain at home, even if allergies are suspected. If there is thick, green mucous present, remain home.


Remain home until symptom-free for 48 hours.


If the eye is pink, red, excessively bloodshot, or exhibits any discharge/drainage, please remain home. Pink eye is extremely contagious.


An earache is not contagious; however if it presents with swollen glands (lymph nodes), sore throat, or any of the symptoms outlined above, remain at home.


Any rash associated with symptoms such as trouble breathing or swallowing, fever, or ill appearance, may be cause to see a doctor. In addition, rashes may also be contagious. Unless you are absolutely POSITIVE it is not contagious, remain home until the rash clears up.


For any illness or rash requiring antibiotics, remain home for at least 72 hours after the first dose.

Field Trip Policy


Field trips are generally scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month during the school year. Field trips will be posted on the calendar page.  Since field trips are a benefit of CRECHE membership, field trip invitations cannot be shared with other homeschool groups or non-members. Parents may bring adult relatives to help chaperone their children; however, children of non-members should not be brought on field trips. Exceptions to this rule can be made, if approved by the field trip coordinator, and for field trips to public places that do not require a fee or an R.S.V.P. (e.g., a park).


Money pre-paid for a field trip cannot be refunded by CRECHE. If CRECHE has guaranteed a certain number of attendees to a field trip venue and a member is unable to attend the event but has an "attending" R.S.V.P., said member will still be responsible for paying the attendance fees unless the member changes the R.S.V.P. to “not attending”, prior to the advertised deadline. As with all CRECHE events, if CRECHE members are sick they should not attend, even if they have an "attending" R.S.V.P.. For general guidelines in maintaining the health of our members at events, please review the entire CRECHE Sick Policy above.


On occasion, CRECHE children may attend a field trip without a parent; however, specific arrangements must be made in advance to have the child chaperoned by a relative (e.g. grandparent) or another CRECHE member. A chaperone arrangement between two CRECHE parents must be reported to the field trip coordinator and the parents must exchange emergency contact information. All parents acting as chaperones of children other than their own must have completed Protecting God's Children and other forms that are required by the Rockford Diocese.


At times, a field trip (or other CRECHE event) may require a permission slip to be submitted before a child may attend. This is typically for events involving older children and the parent is not required to stay because of the nature of the event. In these instances, CRECHE will provide 2 or more chaperones with PGC certification. No exceptions will be made allowing a child to attend without a permission slip.


New ideas are welcome. If you have an idea or would like to organize a field trip, please email This will prevent duplication of efforts or scheduling conflicts. On-your-own field trip opportunities can be made available to other members through group messaging; however, it should be made evident that these are not CRECHE-sponsored field trips by indicating “On-Your-Own” in the subject line of the email announcement. This is an issue of insurance coverage. Opportunities that conflict with already scheduled CRECHE events cannot be advertised through CRECHE group messaging. Please check for conflicts with the Field Trip Coordinator and CRECHE Administration.

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