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CRECHE (Children Receiving Education in a Catholic Home Environment) is an apostolate that promotes homeschooling among Catholic families who are engaged in providing their children’s primary education at home. With an outreach to all homeschooling families in the surrounding Fox Valley, Illinois area, CRECHE provides activities that encourage friendship and vibrant family life, striving to help members grow as disciples by bringing Christ to the world.

REGISTRATION FOR THE UPCOMING 2024-2025 SCHOOL YEAR RUNS FROM JULY 1 – AUGUST 31, 2024. We are planning in-person registration events on July 19 and August 16, 2024 for the upcoming school year. If you are interested in joining CRECHE, please CLICK HERE to fill out a membership request. You will be given further details, instructions, and added to our email list. For the safety and privacy of our members, we cannot make this information public. Thank you for understanding. 

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If you would like more information on how to homeschool, please visit the HSLDA website.

Specific dates, times, and details for all events can be found on the CRECHE Calendar, which is accessible ONLY to our registered members. New registrants will not be able to access the “Members Only” areas of the website until their membership has been processed and we have received payment for the upcoming year. (Please allow at least 72 hours to gain access.)

May God Bless CRECHE and all of our families.

We hope that you have a blessed year!

Your 2024-2025 Board of Directors,
Cindi, Renata, Amy, Erin, Lynnet

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A Focus on Imitating the Holy Family

A Focus on Imitating the Holy Family The Holy Family models for us what family life should exemplify. It is a school of virtue for both parents and children. There we find God, and learn how to connect with God and with others. The family is where love is freely [...]

Prayer for Homeschooling

Prayer for Homeschooling Dear Lord, bless me in my decision to homeschool my children. Grant me the grace of peace and determination in this awesome endeavor. Lead me to the proper materials for the instruction of each of my children, so that their individual talents and skills will be nurtured [...]