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Liability Release and Waiver

I hereby release Holy Cross Catholic Church and Children Receiving Education in a Catholic Home Environment and its officers, employees, members, and volunteers (referred to collectively here as “CRECHE”), from any and all liability for damage or injury to my children or myself or to any person or property during the time of my children’s attendance at CRECHE activities, whether or not such damages were sustained in connection with any CRECHE activities. I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless CRECHE from any claims, including the cost of expenses, arising in connection with injuries or damage sustained by my children or me. I assume full responsibility for my children’s behavior, for assuring their supervision during CRECHE activities, and for any damage or injury caused by my children’s actions.

Code of Conduct

Please read and review this with your children. You may wish to read it each time before attending CRECHE activities and field trips as a reminder to the children.

  1. CRECHE events begin with prayer.
  2. CRECHE families are constant in their attempt to practice charity at all times, in the home and in the community.
  3. CRECHE parents remain active and diligent in their awareness of the behavior of all children, especially their own.
  4. CRECHE children and their guests will behave in a manner befitting their Christian dignity. They will:
    1. Speak and behave charitably toward others, children and adults alike.
    2. Use polite and respectful speech when addressing an adult.
    3. Respect the property and privacy of others.
    4. Avoid interrupting and use polite listening skills.
    5. Promptly obey parents and responsible adults.
    6. Observe proper indoor behavior: no running, no yelling, and no pushing.
    7. Keep hands and feet to oneself.
    8. Dress modestly and appropriately for the occasion.
  5. If a family encounters a problem with another CRECHE member they are unable to resolve on their own, please contact a coordinator. We want all families to feel welcome. We will do our best to abide by the expectations listed above.