CRECHE recognizes the benefit of intellectual, spiritual, and physical enrichment opportunities for its member families. Clubs are youth-related, recurring activities, which may or may not require paid dues to sustain programming. All CRECHE-sponsored clubs must adhere to CRECHE bylaws.


CRECHE-sponsored clubs are those which have received approval and/or endorsement of the CRECHE Board of Directors, and are facilitated by one or more registered CRECHE members. Facilitators will have completed the Diocese of Rockford’s safe environment training, Protecting God’s Children (PGC), and will maintain the presence of at least two PGC-trained adults in supervisory roles at all times. Members of CRECHE-sponsored clubs must also be formed exclusively by registered CRECHE families and follow CRECHE bylaws.  Dues or associated fees may be required for these clubs, which may be eligible to receive CRECHE funds to supplement said fees. Meetings or events for these clubs must be advertised online and must appear on the CRECHE Calendar on the CRECHE website.